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Bad Faith Trademark Applications in China

The UK Government’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) is conducting a research project to better understand the scale and impact of bad-faith trade mark applications on British businesses in China. The IPO are also interested in the views of businesses that have not been impacted by bad-faith trade mark applications.

A bad-faith trade mark application can be defined as a company registering another’s name or mark with intent to either sell it back to the rightful owner for profit or deliberately use that company’s established name to market their own products – outside normal commercial practices.

Our Attorney Sophie Mao at law firm Chilbridge in Guangzhou comments –


‘Yes, bad faith trademark registration, called “malicious squatting” is not something new.  Though the newly promulgated  trademark law specify some regulations against it, it’s still time consuming (many many years, probably) and cost a lot money to get the trademark back, given the huge workload the trademark reviewer facing.  So, still it’s strongly recommended that register the trademark ASAP1’


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