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FHW in Guangzhou November 13-16 2014


China is the fastest growing market for UK food and drink produce, driven by an emerging middle class who developed spending power and a thirst for new experiences in food and concerns about the safety of local produce.

To win in this market takes patience and stamina and it is easy to go down wrong routes. Going on Trade Missions or attending an exhibition is a start but is unlikely to build the relationships needed for you to be successful.

Online searches for dealers can prove catastrophic if you don’t do serious due diligence checks and attending food shows should only be part of your approach to marketing.

China is unlike any other market in the world. Your approach needs to be different and learning about how to do it can take years.

But there is another way!

China business specialists Anderen Ltd and their associate company Lindon East LLP working with Worldex Fiera Milano Exhibitions have put together a unique package that gets you into the market quickly and efficiently at an economical price.

The Food Hospitality World is the biggest dedicated B2B food and beverage exhibition in Southern China. It takes place on November 13-15  2014 and is based in Guangzhou at the Pazhou exhibition complex, home of the world famous Canton Fair and set in the heart of the Pearl River Delta commercial area – China’s workshop to the world. Situated close to Hong Kong and Macau, it is the commercial centre for the entire South China and so a perfect place to start to develop trade relationships that can lead to potential huge profits.


Food Hospitality World is not just any show where the organisers are only interested in selling space. When you are part of FHW, you get a complete and unique package of services that make the difference between a good show and a spectacular success.

What makes a good show?

Is it the quality of the visitors? – FHW attracts serious importers and dealers who are searching for the products you sell.

Is it the location? – Pazhou is the world’s biggest exhibition centre. It is ultra-modern and hosts some of the Worlds’ biggest and best shows.

Is it all about getting the right people on your booth? – When you are part of FHW you get support to find the right people through the VIB (Very Important Buyer) programme.

Is it about making and maintaining contacts? – This is a huge one – even the busiest booths at the busiest shows will be unsuccessful if contact cannot be maintained.

Is it about meeting your goals? – Of course it is, and with the FHW programme you have the very best chance to succeed. We are successful if you are successful and so we have a vested interest in making sure that you succeed.

VIB Programme – the most unique exhibitor support package in the world

Many exhibition companies claim to offer a matching service, but does it really happen? Is it effective? Usually the answer is no. It will consist of sending out a list of exhibitors with a 100 word précis of what they offer sent out to a data base.

So what do you get that is different? Yes we have a data base made up of over 30,000 leading F&B dealers and importers, and yes we also put your products in front of them. However we make sure that the right people on the data base get the information on the exhibitors’ products – we literally match them up. We identify the buyers that will be interested in your products and clearly identify them.

That’s pretty good, but it doesn’t stop there.

When you are at an exhibition, how do you spot the serious buyers? – The ones who you need to spend time with, the ones who can make the show a real success for you – it is not easy! So how do we help?

An English speaking member of our team will be assigned to a serious buyer and will personally bring them to your booth and formerly introduce them. You will know immediately that you are talking to a serious contact. In a business culture where building relationships is a real key to success this personal introduction is a big step forward.

And then there is more!

You finish a show and have lots of orders enquiries and contacts, but how often have these all come to nothing because of poor communication. This is especially the case when you are working in a country where English is not the only business language. Sending emails in English almost never works in China when dealing with new contacts. To be successful you need a presence in the market. This not only shows you are serious but also means that you have someone who is working to create business for you.

The final part of the VIB service is all about maintaining contact. We work with you to ensure that any orders, enquiries or contacts are all driven forward. Our team become part of your team.

We think you will agree that this is a highly valuable service so what does it all cost.

The answer is simple – NOTHING.

Yes that is right – As a new exhibitor at the show you get the service FREE OF CHARGE if you take at least 9m2 as an individual booth or as part of a national pavilion.

You also get complete management support from our team who have been organising UK booths and pavilions in China for over 14 years. We take care of every element of your participation in the exhibition. This includes help with bringing in samples, stand construction and management, hotel bookings assistance with visa applications, recommendations on flights, provision of trained interpreters and general advice on doing business in China

If you have China on your business radar this is a perfect opportunity to enter the market supported by an expert team whose role is to make your business successful.

Contact us today to book your place at the best B2B Food show in southern mainland China Adrian Allen: adrian@anderenltd.com; Tel 01782 326027 – mobile 07768 587259

Brian Lindon: bl@lindoneast.com; Tel 01323 722 – mobile 0797 9818520



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